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Defending Buildings - live in Guardians

Becoming a Live-In Guardian: is it for you?
You have chosen to become a Live-in Guardian and we expect you to look after the property responsibly as if it were your own. As a Camelot Guardian, you are an important ambassador for our services to the owner and to the residents of neighbouring properties.

Above all you need to be flexible. The Live-In Guardian system is very different from renting. You have a Guardian Licence Agreement rather than a lease, which means you do not have tenants' rights. This licence agreement clearly sets out key rules and responsibilities. Our notice period is two weeks so you need to be aware that you will only hear very shortly in advance that you will have to hand back a property in its original condition.

Another major difference from renting is privacy. Camelot and the owner are able to visit the property of which you are Guardian at any time to inspect installations, read meters and to work on the future use (for example, an estate agent bringing prospective buyers on viewings). Where ever possible you will be  given notice in advance, but sometimes somebody will enter the building where you are living when you are not expecting it. Guardians do not get a right to exclusive occupation of any part of the communal living space and therefore must agree between themselves how the space will be used.

We will always try to transfer Guardians at the end of a placement depending on availability at the time. Some of our Guardians are living in their tenth property for Camelot, averaging around one property per year. However, sometimes you will be unlucky and have to look for somewhere else after just a few months.

We expect our Guardians - our ambassadors - to keep their temporary living space clean and tidy. It is important that the property and its surrounding area look presentable. We monitor this strictly through our monthly property inspections.

We expect you to perform minor maintenance such as changing a light bulb or unblocking a sink. You must report any emergencies (such as leaks, burglaries) to Camelot immediately. We therefore expect you to be resident in the property on a regular basis so someone who frequently travels is not suitable to become a Guardian.

We currently have thousands of Guardians living across Europe - you can read about their experiences on our press and case study pages.

How do I apply to be a Camelot Guardian?