Bangor Provident Dispensary

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Bangor Provident Dispensary

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Found underneath floorboards (2nd floor) 270 High Street - above HSBC - when structural work was being carried out over 25 years ago.

Not sure if it's the same one...

THE Bangor Provident Dispensary was opened recently.
The object of the institution is to enable its members to
make provision in time of health, by their own small periodical
payments, for medical attendance and medicines. It is
intended to take the place of the out-patient department of
the Hospital, which has meanwhile been closed.

British Medical Journal, Oct 28th 1893


Title The Bangor District Provident Dispensary: draft scheme
Author Bangor District Provident Dispensary
Publisher Jarvis & Foster, 18??
Length 11 pages

... listed in Google Books