1901 Industrial & Art Exhibition Medal GFS

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1901 Industrial & Art Exhibition Medal GFS

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Bangor - Girls Friendly Society

The Girls Friendly Society was a pioneer youth organisation, founded in England in 1875 and run by women, which still operates in 23 countries. Originally established to protect young working girls.

Historically running at several Bangor Churches including St David's and Llandegai Church

1901 by Spink & Son Bronze 39 mm.

Obverse Six line legend, G.F.S. / Industrial / and Art / Exhibition / Bangor / May 1901.

Reverse FCW monogram within a wreath of oak. Signed Spink & Son London.

A useful link about the medals and exhibitions of the era: http://www.studygroup.org.uk/Articles/Content/72/A%20Collection%20of%20Victorian.htm


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